Foreign aid and Trojan Horse

According to Sritua Arief, economic expert Gajah Mada University said, debt effects lost of economic independent our country. We can see, Indonesia pressed for economic Reform, structural adjusment program based on capitalism-neoliberalsm that is;

Govt intervention in market shTalking about “Economic Aid”, specially foreign aid. Director of Foreign Aid USA, Fohler Hamilton said, “every dollar gave to other must to pproduce something for interest USA”. This statement gave us 2 lessons. First, foreign aid is never free form goal. Second, Foreign aid is like a Trojan horse in greece story. No exception, aid from usa, australia, japan and other, all of the aim had hidden motive.

Implementation of political foreign USA by USAID, AusAID from Australia, JICA from Japan etc. Every foreign aid had mou. With Mou, they making networking, got some data about our country and making networking. Startegy networking had used by US govt. It called “big stick strategy”, “Dollar Diplomacy” and “Flexible Diplomacy”. So, “There is no such thing as a free lunch” to be true in this cases.
But, how we developed our country. If we have no fund.We have no much money to paid salary our employers. How to solve poverty problem in this country ?. Govt have no alternative choice, must to invited investor and increased deb from other country. Exactly, foreign aid passed by International World Fund. International Mother Fucker (IMF)...

I think we have options or other alternative, before our govt make decision using foreign aid or not, it is defend on readiness our country. But, we have to carefully using this way, because, foreign aid is like a Trojan horse. Some expert had given warning to government about “Danger of Debt”. Indeed, Soekarna have catcword “GO TO HELL WITH YOUR AID”.Could be eliminated.

1. Privatization public sphere
2. Liberalization of all economic activity and reduced subcidies.
3. Expand and accelerated foreign capital to Indonesia.

And now,we can see, so many economis institution, BUMN has privatized.
In social analysis, we knew that 3 element in our country that is, PEOPLE, GOVT, FUNDER (Foreigner/investor).
See picture 1

Reality had shown to us, that if govt pro investor or foreign then govt will betray society. Our Government is like a “sweet boy” in front of Foreign investor. So, different with Mahatir Muhammad has encouraged against IMF policy.

So, Foreign aid never succeded like in china and India.
As we knew, china has a best growth economic in the world. We can learn from them, how to build country with sovereign. China have two grand design to build country, that is economic strategy “FDI Foreign D Investor”, required local investror must manage capital. Second strategy, reducing corruption in Government institution and political party. Awhile India Goverment began to build their country with reducing corruption and support local investor.
So, we can build our country with sovereign and without betrayed our people, and stay smart to meet Trojan horse.

final test presentation @ Global-E course, pare June 2010. By zukozen.
note: Beberapa saran mr.Toto, Performance Ok, konten materi sudah ok, pronunciation mesti ditingkatkan, dan perlu mengurangi kata2 “fu*k” dalam presentasi misalnya IMF (International Mother Fucker), Go to Hell. 1 point lagi dapat excellence.