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Long time ago when US attack Japan, exactly Hirosima and Nagasaki, we think that nuclear is similar holocaust, slavery and war. But, that is not always true. Nuclear useful for developing our country. I realized, when I had read article, journal and research about nuclear energy. my view has changed.

Patrick Mocere (Founder of Greenpace) said, nuclear energy in only power source that does emit green houses gasses. Which can effectively replace fosil fuels to meet growing energy demand. Let us see more, the largest transmitter green houses gasses in the world is coal. Generate electricity by coal is cheap, but effect burning coal to the world generated approximately 9 billion ton Co2 / year. The other hand, coal burning power plant that causes acid rain, smog , respiratory disease, mercury contamination and the main contribution in the world green houses gasses .

How about the other renewable energy that is wind energy, solar energy and biomass energy. Jesse Ausebel at Rockfeller University, New York said that renewable energy is more destructive our environment than nuclear energy. Renewable does not meant GREEN, he said. He proved his statement in journal, the greater the electricity power generated, need so more land. Example At Canada needed area of 900.000 square km. With 680.000 billion liters water and then saved it in to 60 high dam.

Biomass energy is also very inefficient, to produced energy electricity which similar if used nuclear energy, Biomass energy needed area of 2500 squere kilometre. However wind energy needed smaller area than biomass, but it needed area approximately 770 square kilometre to produced energy equivalent of nuclear energy power with capacity of 1000 megawatt electric (Mwe). Jesse explained that 100 square metre windy area, such as apartement in manhattan, it just enough to met growing a half lamp but not enough to turn on computer, washing machine and TV.
As we knew, we read in media that today USA has there are 103 reactor nuclear which provide 20% electricity needed, approximately 80% local people agreed if government built reactor nuclear near from their home. Approximately 10 km from housing.

But, why USA and alliance banned Iran to built nuclear reactor for humanity ?. I thank that is not fair. They fear, Iran will build nuclear for war. It is meant threat for them. To describe this problem, let us saw, that in Africa sword used to kill million human. More than the victim who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was combined. But nobody harm, nobody prihibits using of sword, because it useful for developing country and absolutely for survive.

Smog; kabut asap | Coal ; batu bara | acid rain; hujan asam |Emit ; memancarkan
green houses gasses; efek rumah kaca |to meet growing ; memenuhi

NUCLEAR ENERGY FOR HUMANITY, Presented by zukozen @ Global-E course, pare Kediri 23th june 2010.