Illiteracy doesn't mean can't read sms

Hi, friends

I hope you enjoy today ! I need a bityour time for read my short note :)
In this letter, I want to shared myanxious to all of you.
as so far we know, world in your, it islike a small village, where everyone very easy to communicate withother, Especially foreigner, in your real life or virtual life[social network], some of best book in english text. We saw cocoafarmers in several county [regency] in Sulawesi using english intheir communication. To promote their product to buyer from Malaysiaand Singapore.

In 2000 Dimitry Mahayana [lecture ITB]said that human called illiteracy if they don't understanding how touse computer and can'tcommunication in english. Thismy anxious no longer I have said in some meeting in front of studentuniversity, chating in the coffe house and everywhere.

Illiteracydoesn't mean you can't read newspaper, you can't read sms on yourphone, on your wall facebook, twitter, email, etc. We wouldn't see theworld clearly. If we had nothing soft skill. It will get if we knowlanguage as a tool to communicate with other. Because,we realisedthat anyone can't live alone.
So,let learn try together to improve our skill language that is machinelanguage and global languange. But how ?.

And, you can makea short opinion about “ how often computer skill and language skillfor our life” ?.
Andwhat do we do if we have no skill at all ?

Ifyou have a chance, pleasereply to : alamyin@gmail.com